I’m Stephen Glenn a Liberal Democrat by conviction; Northern Irish by birth, though living in Scotland by choice.

Born in Bangor, Northern Ireland after the Eagle had landed but before Houston had a problem. Educated at Grange Park Primary and Regent House Grammer Schools, before getting my economics degree from Kingston University.

I’ve run, played bowls and football competitively, as well as taken part in many other sports for fun.

As well as Bangor and Kingston, I’ve lived for spells in Coventry and since 2001 West Lothian, Scotland.

In 2005 I stood as the Westminster candidate for Linlithgow and Falkirk East.

3 Responses to “Who is Stephen Glenn?”

  1. Sputhnuch Says:

    Outstanding Article , I thought it was extraordinary

    I look forward to more interesting postings like this one. Do you have a RSS I can subscribe to for updates?

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

  3. Linda judge Says:

    Hi Stephen I have just seen your comments on Edward Launders he is my great uncle and my grandad was his young brother who he left behind

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