>Last Friday my dear friends and fellow Northern Ireland Liberal Democrat Members Michael and Andrew got were civil partnered. Today there is a rather special occaion. There have been husband and wife teams in the House of Commons before but I don’t think any of them have got married while both were members, for example only Yvette Cooper was an MP when she and Ed Balls got married in 1998. (I’m prepared to be proven wrong). So congratulations to Jo Swinson and Duncan Hames.

However, it seems fitting that at Michael and Andrew’s Ceremony of Commitment last Saturday at All Souls’ Church in Belfast last Saturday that I was wearing Highland Dress as was one of the grooms, and some of the other guests that I keep my promise last Friday of the pictures to follow.

Here is me on the left in my Donegal tartan, with Kyle and Rory two of the Marshals, Kyle is wearing Red Ulster.

And here is one of last weekend’s happy couple with family, yes that is the Campbell tartan on Michael.