> Max Mosley has announced that an agreement has been reached with the Formula One Teams Accosiation (FOTA) that will prevent the big names and big teams breaking away in a rival championship next season.

As part of the deal Mosley who the team principles have been unhappy with has agreed to step down and not seek re-election as President of the FIA when his fourth term comes to an end in October. This is contrast ahead of the FIA meeting today when Mosley said he would seek re-election. It also appears that the writs that Mosley and experienced barrister had drawn up against the teams who had threatened to pull out (McLaren, BMW Sauber, Renault, Toyota, Red Bull Racing, Toro Rosso and Brawn GP) will now be filed in the WPB*.

There was a campaign of which I and many other F1 fans both in Blogs and Tweets were involved with which called for Max, who was seen as the biggest ego and most immoveable mountain in a sport of big egos, to get out. The FIA even tried to ban Max Out banners from being shown in broadcasters at the weekend’s Grand Prix at the spiritual birthplace and home of F1 Silverstone.

All rumours that John Bercow’s speakers robes had come from Max’s dressing up box for Bernie Ecclestone have been denied by all parties.

*Waste Paper Basket