>From L to R: Pitbull, Governor Palin

Early this morning one phrase bugged me out of Sarah Palin’s speech accepting the GOP nomination for Vice President:

“I came to office promising to control spending – by request if possible and by
veto if necessary. “

Now I admit I’m not an ardent following of the minutiae of Alaska state politics so I decided to google it and find out just what Governor Palin felt her veto was necessary and while I was at it discovered some other scary possibilities this woman might stretch to.

Well she used it earlier this year to she sued it to veto funding to allow funding for teenage mothers a place to live for up to 18 months while they gained the necessary skills and resources to change their life. So faced with a tough choice that unmarried teenage mums who don’t have the supportive family of say the First family of the state, some Alaskan teenagers may face financial issues if they find themselves pregnant that may result in their choice of whether to keep or terminate their unborn child as a result of that veto.

In 2007 she vetoed $231 million off the Republican Legislature’s capital budget that was about 13% of the proposed spending. Last night she boasted that amongst other things the McCain-Palin administration was going to create jobs with clean coal. Yet part of those cuts she made was for a 50 megawatt Fire Island wind project and funds to restart the 50 megawatt Healy Clean Coal Project. Oops! She also vetoed $10 million expansion of the Port of Anchorage. $58 million of these were attempted to be reintroduced this year only to face the Palin veto pen once more.

At the end of 2006 her first veto less than a month into her Governorship was a bill to give public employee benefits such as health insurance to same-sex couples. It was a bill sponsored by Rep. John Coghill, R-North Pole, I guess he’s more Santa Claus than she was. This is one veto that recently people have been trying to spin counterclockwise saying that she is actually in favour of sax-sex couple having such benefits. But at the time of the veto Palin claimed that allowing health care for same-sex partners was “unconstitutional”.

She claims to uphold the American constitution but while Mayor of Wallisa she didn’t seek to uphold the Freedom of Speech part when seeking to ban books from the local library. she then threatened to get the librarian Mary Ellen Baker fired when she refused to co-operate with the request.